Root Canal Treatment

Do you suffer from toothache, swelling of your gums or sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet foods?

This may be a sign that you need a root canal treatment.

Our dentists may recommend root canal treatment if your tooth has significant decay that has gone beyond your tooth into the nerve. Root canal treatment aims to stop the infection from spreading and ultimately, save your tooth.

When the nerves on the inside of your tooth become infected, they begin to die and break down. This can put your tooth at risk of damage or falling out and also cause a lot of pain. When tooth decay has spread beyond the outer layers of your tooth, root canal therapy may be what you need.

If during a check-up your dentist determines you need root canal treatment, we will book you in as soon as possible. Receiving root canal treatment generally looks like this:

Signs of An Infected Tooth

Maintaining regular dental check-ups is the best way to prevent and detect an infected tooth. Sometimes your tooth’s nerve may be infected without giving off any warning signs. At Palm Beach Dental, we have special equipment to examine parts of your tooth not visible to the human eye.

A consultation with one of our gentle dentists will help determine if your tooth needs root canal treatment. Whilst the signs and symptoms below may be indicative of needing root canal treatment, they may also warn of several other oral health concerns. Either way, listen to your teeth and gums – don’t ignore the warning signs.

Whether this pain be continuing or it comes and goes, an ongoing toothache is a tell-tale sign on an infected tooth. You may feel pain deep inside your tooth or this pain may be referred in your face, jaw or surrounding teeth.
If you experience sharp pain in your tooth when brushing your teeth or eating or drinking hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods, you may need root canal treatment. Tooth sensitivity like this suggests that your tooth nerve has become infected. In some cases, you may find your tooth is sensitive to pressure too.
Swollen gums are a sign of needing root canal treatment. If you notice your gums are inflamed around a particular tooth, it could be as a result of toxic waste products released by infected tooth tissue.
If the nerve inside your tooth is infected it may cause your tooth to darken. This is as a result of the breaking down of damaged root and nerve tissue, giving them a grey/black appearance. Usually, tooth darkening is easier to spot on your front teeth.
If your tooth becomes wobbly, this can be because the bone around your tooth root has softened. This may happen as a result of acidic waste products excreted by your infected tooth.

Palm Beach Root Canal Treatment

If you’re nervous about root canal treatment, you’re not alone. It’s normal to be nervous about having dental treatment, especially if you’re an anxious patient. A great dental team understands this. Choosing a dentist with a caring and compassionate team makes receiving dental treatment a much better experience. At Palm Beach Dental, your comfort is our priority.

If you need root canal treatment in Palm Beach, look no further. Our dental team are highly skilled and experienced and do everything they can to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Our team has a common goal, to preserve your natural teeth. Root canal treatment has many benefits and is a way we can do this:

Ultimately, we look to help you maintain happy and healthy smiles for life through preventative measures. Maintaining regular dental check-ups can avoid your need for root canal treatment as your dentist can identify any potential signs of infection early on. Having a professional scale and polish also significantly reduces your risk of decay, gum disease and other factors that can contribute to an infected tooth.

Booking a dental check-up sooner rather than later can save you a lot of time, money and discomfort.

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