Dental Check-Up and Clean

Going Beyond The Surface

Visiting the dentist only when a dental issue arises that causes you pain or discomfort is a risky way of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Even those most dedicated to their oral hygiene routine can’t reach every spot in their mouth. Considering the number of bacteria our teeth and gums are exposed to, it pays to take a proactive approach to your oral health.

Keeping up with regular dental check-up and clean appointments is a proactive method of looking after your oral health. At our Palm Beach family dentist, we’re big believers in prevention. Having an experienced family dentist monitoring your and your family’s oral health to prevent any issues from arising is essential. This will help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health and avoid complex, costly dental treatment later on.

We recommend that our patients visit us every 6 months for a dental check-up to keep their oral health on track.

Brushing, flossing and examining the outer surface of your teeth and gums at home is doable. However, in a check-up and clean, your dentist can both examine and clean beneath the visible surface. We have special tools and technology to identify any potential dental problems and give your teeth and gums a deep clean.

Decay deep between your teeth and impacted wisdom teeth are common examples of dental issues that can be difficult to identify without a dental professional’s help. Left untreated, these issues can become major. Regular check-up and clean appointments mean your dentist can spot these potential issues early on and stop them in their tracks.

What to Expect During A Dental Check-Up and Clean

In general, a check-up and clean appointment consists of the following:
During your check-up, your dentist will listen to any concerns you have with your oral health. They will also conduct a thorough oral assessment. This includes the checking of your teeth, gums and soft tissues in your mouth for any signs of problems. Your dentist will also check your jaw joints, lymph nodes around your jaw and neck and complete a routine oral cancer check of the mouth and throat.
Depending on whether you have an up-to-date x-ray on file, your dentist may want to complete a dental x-ray. This gives them an in-depth look at your teeth and the surrounding bone. Dental x-rays provide a great tool for your dentist to track your oral health over time. At Palm Beach Dental, we use cutting edge 3D x-rays.
The next step is having a scale and polish. This can be thought of as a deep clean for your teeth and gums. Our dentists and oral hygienists are extra gentle and dedicate an hour to remove built-up tartar and stains with special equipment.
Last but not least, you’ll have a fluoride treatment applied to your teeth. This helps strengthen your enamel and protect your teeth from decay.
Depending on your case, your dentist may need you to come in for another appointment due to the need for more complex dental treatment. If you don’t need further treatment, you should plan to visit again in 6 months for another check-up.

The Link Between Your Oral Health and General Health

Often when we think of oral health, we consider our ability to smile, eat and speak with confidence. But oral health goes far beyond the mouth. Your oral health has an impact on your general health and well-being too.

The World Oral Health Report (2003) stated that there is an evidence-based relationship between oral health and general health. Plenty of new evidence has emerged since supporting the case.

The relationship between oral health and general health exists in four ways:

Regular dental check-up and clean appointments can help you and your family maintain good oral health and safeguard your well-being.

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