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Do you feel like your smile is dull and lacking in sparkle? Unfortunately, teeth do discolour over time. There are several reasons why discolouration may occur. Reasons may include age, the foods and drinks you consume, medications and smoking.

At Palm Beach Dental, we know what a positive impact a whiter, brighter smile can have on one’s confidence. We’re the teeth whitening experts, completing over 100 same day teeth whitening procedures a year! We’re a proud provider of the Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening systems, delivering safe and effective whitening results to patients in Palm Beach.

We offer both in-chair teeth whitening and take-home whitening kits as stand-alone treatments or as part of a cosmetic treatment plan. Both in-chair and take-home methods of teeth whitening are effective. However, the process for each is different. Our dentists can help you determine if you’re a suitable candidate for professional teeth whitening. They will also help you decide which treatment is best for you, based on your lifestyle and budget.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening

This form of teeth whitening takes place in the dental chair and is done by a dental professional. So, a much stronger whitening solution can be used. In-chair teeth whitening delivers fast and reliable results.

During your initial teeth whitening consultation, your dentist will assess your current oral health. This ensures you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment. They will also arrange for you to have professional teeth cleaning before your whitening treatment if need be. For great whitening results, it’s essential to have clean teeth free of tartar build-up.

This effective whitening treatment combines the use of whitening gel and light. It takes place over two to four ‘15 minute whitening sessions’ (within one appointment). The number of sessions needed to reach the desired shade varies from patient to patient. The use of light kick starts and accelerates the whitening process. So, in-chair teeth whitening takes an hour at most. You’ll be walking out of our dental practice with your pearly whites before you know it!

Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Would prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home, in your own time? We offer take-home teeth whitening kits which may be the whitening solution for you. This method of teeth whitening does take longer but offers you convenience as well as effective whitening results.

Once your dentist has assessed your suitability for teeth whitening, they’ll take impressions of your teeth. These will be used for the making of your custom whitening trays in our dental lab. When your whitening trays are ready, you’ll have an appointment during which your dentist will provide you with your take-home whitening kit. They will also give you all the instructions you need to start your whitening journey at home.

Your at-home teeth whitening regime will consist of wearing your trays filled with the whitening gel daily. You will need to do this for around two to four weeks to reach your desired shade of white. Your dentist will let you know how long you need to wear your trays for each day, but in most cases, it is around 30 minutes.

Professional Teeth Whitening FAQs
Got questions? Below are some of the questions we commonly get asked about teeth whitening:

Only a dentist can offer whitening treatments that are of a professional grade. The ingredients of both store-bought and professional whitening products may look similar. Their concentrations are very different though! Store-bought whitening products may whiten your teeth to some extent. However, the results are non-comparable to professional teeth-whitening.

Teeth whitening treatments available from your dentist are the safest and most effective option.

Having your teeth whitened doesn’t hurt. Though a possible side-effect of teeth-whitening is temporary tooth sensitivity. If you experience tooth sensitivity after professional teeth whitening, it is usually mild and subsides after the initial 24 hours post-treatment.
Most cosmetic dental treatments under ‘major dental’ for private health insurance. Whether it includes teeth whitening will vary from fund to fund and policy to policy.

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