Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Throughout your life, your mouth goes through many changes.

The appearance of your wisdom teeth is one of them. Wisdom teeth usually appear in your late teens or early twenties. Though, sometimes they don’t appear at all.

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth don’t make you wiser. Their name comes from the mature age at which they begin to come through. Wisdom teeth are also known as your third molars. Generally, they appear on the top and bottom of both sides of your mouth, at the back of your jaw.

This dental milestone isn’t always a smooth process. Wisdom teeth can be problematic. As they are the last teeth to attempt to push through your gum line, sometimes there is not enough room for them. They can become obstructed by surrounding teeth on their way out resulting in them becoming what we call “impacted”. This can cause pain, discomfort and also negatively impact your oral health. In most cases, wisdom teeth need removing.

At Palm Beach Dental we have a lot of experience in wisdom tooth assessment and extraction. We understand that wisdom tooth extraction can be daunting for some patients. Rest assured that at our dental practice, we do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible at all times.

Why You May Need A Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Just because you can’t see your wisdom teeth, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Whether visible or not, your wisdom teeth may be interfering with your oral health. The majority of problems that arise from wisdom teeth are due to insufficient space in your mouth to accommodate them.

As we have evolved, our jaws have reduced in size and our diets have changed a lot. As a result, so have our dental requirements.

Wisdom teeth generally come through when you’re finished growing. As such, the process doesn’t always go to plan with limited space remaining in your mouth. Wisdom teeth may become impacted. This means that they are unable to erupt through your gum line properly and end up stuck halfway out, coming out at an angle or even growing sideways. This can lead to:

Maintaining regular dental check-ups is essential for the monitoring of your wisdom teeth. If needed, your dentist will recommend their extraction to prevent possible dental issues down the line.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

The extract process for a wisdom tooth extraction will depend on the number of wisdom teeth you’re having removed and the complexity of the extraction. Simple extractions normally take place in our treatment rooms with local anaesthetic (and with nitrous oxide available for sedative purposes). Should you need a complex extraction, or multiple teeth extracted, it may take place under general anaesthetic in day surgery.

Having a wisdom tooth extraction may look slightly different from one patient to another, but generally, here is what you can expect:

Before a wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist would have had a detailed discussion with you about your extraction, any possible complications and sedation options available. So, you’ll be informed and know what to expect every step of the way.
Before your dentist commences any part of your wisdom tooth extraction, they will numb the area. Depending on the size, location and position of your wisdom tooth, an incision in your gum may be needed to allow access to it. Your dentist may also need to cut your tooth into smaller sections, to allow for easier extraction. You may feel a bit of pressure during your wisdom tooth extraction, but you should not feel much pain at all.

Depending on your type of wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist may place a few dissolving stitches to aid your gum’s recovery. They will also place a piece of gauze over your extraction site and instruct you to bite down onto it for a period to help stop bleeding. In some cases, your dentist may prescribe you a course of antibiotics.

It’s important to avoid the following things within the first 24 hours after your wisdom tooth extraction:

  • Rinsing your mouth
  • Brushing the extraction site with your toothbrush
  • Consuming alcohol or tobacco products
  • Drinking hot liquids (soups, teas, etc)
  • Vigorous physical activity

Palm Beach Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Are your wisdom teeth causing you pain and discomfort? Our experienced team at Palm Beach Dental is here to help you. Our practice and dentists are equipped with modern dental technologies and techniques. This means we can provide you with the most comfortable and reliable dental care possible.

We have an onsite full mouth OPG and 3D X-ray machines. These allow us to assess your wisdom teeth with precision and accuracy. We take the time to get to know you, listen to your concerns and ensure we explain treatments and procedures to you fully.

If you need a wisdom tooth extraction we can look after you in one of our onsite treatment rooms. Otherwise, we can arrange for your extraction to take place in the hospital.

Don’t suffer in pain. You’re in safe hands with us.

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